(idea) ssh menu and ssh menu webapi

Single linux system:
When you are using linux and need to ssh, instead of typing ssh you type ‘s’, which displays a menu of past ssh connection you can connect to, sorted by name or by most recently used, ability to adjust sort, edit, delete, etc.

Multiple linux systems:
I’m not the first to have this idea, there are a few sshmenu programs out there.¬†But what if we were to create a webapi (and host it via kubernetes of course), with OIDC enabled, then on any linux system when you type ‘s’ it will ask for the sshmenu server, or use a default server from a config file, and pop up a web browser for you to login, obtain an apikey, and use that apikey from that point on to display your history off ssh connection on all your linux systems (keeping the sshmenu in sync on all of them).¬†Could have a mobile app and web browser app as well.

Enterprise ready:
Using groups claims it would be possible to have admin users and regular users of course, but also a user could be added to a group and then they’ll also be able to see all of the group’s shared ssh connections, so a team could share out all their common ssh connections.

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