Technical Summary

I tend to be very hands-on and deeply technical, bringing with me a top-notch ability to troubleshoot issues. Need a script to call a REST interface to pull a system out of HA, update, then put back in? Ok. Want it in a different language, or different automation suite? I can do that. Proven responsibility has lead to assignments maintaining critical infrastructure. Ideal pursuits. 

Life Approach

Managing servers and applications is what I do. Keeping systems alive and working lets others focus on their work without worry and allows me to feel my efforts are helping a greater audience.

The best employees will give everything towards doing their job well, helping to make their manager look good, and keeping the company momentum positive. They look to their managers for access to tools to do more as needed, training, and protection from time wasting situations. With such an employee the manager really only needs to let the employee know where to redirect efforts as requirements change and the expected level of communication & documentation needed.

Problem Solving

In Critical Path, by Buckminster Fuller, he shares a way of thinking. He speaks of addressing a problem “to get water” from multiple views and how the solution his mind generates changes depending on the perspective he holds solving for himself, his family, his neighborhood, his city, then speaking of how one city might dam a river to solve their water needs creating an issue with a city down river, possibly leading to war. For him, it was only logical to shift his view to solve the problem from a world level and to maintain that view.


In Mastery, by George Leonard, it shows a few different ways that people learn. One he calls “hacker”, is able to learn extremely quickly and eventually reaches a point where it doesn’t matter if there is more studying there is no more absorbing information, a break is needed. Knowing your style, you feel no aversion, you are able to engage in a learning session fearless knowing the brain will work towards mastering what you are trying to do. The brain will rewire during the night and the next day you will be better at it. This frees one of all frustration while learning, as well as any hesitancy or wasted effort when pursuing new abilities.

Human Connection

Empathy exists. For some the ability is linked to observation, for others there is the direct ability to feel what another is feeling, and the remaining do not experience a reality where empathy exists. Those with a strong “presence” tend to be moved into management and when they experience motivation, excitement, and creativity others pick up on this and take that back with them when they work.