Kubernetes? A comic to get started …

Kubernetes Comic
(It’s Greek for Helmsman)

I went through the steps provided in that comic and they don’t work as is.  Figured things out, use these updated steps instead if you want to go through the example:

# use to set a default zone
gcloud init --console-only

gcloud container clusters create myCluster
#kubectl run app --image gcr.io/google-samples/hello-app:1.0
kubectl create deployment app --image gcr.io/google-samples/hello-app:1.0
kubectl scale deployment app --replicas 3
#kubectl expose deployment app --port 80 --type=LoadBalancer
kubectl expose deployment app --port 80 --type=LoadBalancer --target-port 8080
kubectl get service app
curl  (use the external ip shown in previous step)
#kubectl set image deployment app app=gcr.io/google-samples/hello-app:2.0
kubectl set image deployment app hello-app=gcr.io/google-samples/hello-app:2.0

# bonus, here's an autoscale example
kubectl autoscale deployment app --cpu-percent=80 --min=1 --max=5