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Taiga.io is an open source product offering Scrum, Kanban, & issue tracking among other features.  It is comparable to Jira, though smaller scale.  I’ve enjoyed using this product for years for tracking my software projects and other personal goals.  The product can be managed by others at cost, or installed locally for free.

Given that the one mobile app (created by a third party) is rather expensive I’ve decided to initially create some PowerShell cmdlets to access the Taiga REST interface, and later put together a mobile app offering just a few features initially such as marking a user story complete, adding a user story, and adding detail to a user story.

In this way Taiga will be usable easily as a Trello-type app replacement, and in doing so can ensure IP is kept safe.

I’ve started this process with creating an installation video which over time will hopefully lead to increased usage of the product:

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