Life Lessons learned while making deliveries for extra cash

Down Syndrome

Some folks come out to help bring in the delivery. A young man with down syndrome helped out once, opening up the garage and making conversation. He may have been just about the most positive kind person I have ever met.


A man once slowly answered the door, his whole body trembling. I feared when I handed him his bag that he might not be able to hold it. He did though, and slowly he reached in a pocket and brought out a tip of a few dollars. It was a humbling moment. He radiated kindness.


The note on the wall said to ring the doorbell for 5 minutes as the occupant has a disability and it may take time. A young lady answered seemingly the most energized and awake person ever! Over the top energy and caring, going out of her way to be helpful in every way. I couldn’t help but wonder if she was on the upper side of an up & down disability. If the down side is as intense as the up side, I can only imagine.


Many people don’t hear a door knock. Usually I try texting next as most are always with their phone. A tenant answers the door, “Is there someone there?!” “Yes, here with your delivery”, he raises his hands to receive, he says, “I’m blind. Texting doesn’t really work well with me!”

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