kubernetes daytwo controllers

Thinking again about daytwo operations (controllers watching for cluster events):


  • watches for cluster.yaml (tanzu, clusterapi, etc…) and registers clusters with argocd automatically once they are in ‘ready’ state
  • syncs ‘addons’ labels from cluster.yaml to argocd cluster secrets to auto install addons, including pinniped-concierge, and pinniped-www


  • generates a pinniped kubeconfig if new cluster
  • adds to git repo if new cluster, removes from git repo if cluster decommissioned
  • regenerates configmap used by pinniped-www


  • watch for service associated with cluster to appear & annotate with fqdn, goal: to add a dns entry for each cluster kubeapi

Or perhaps, if desired, the event could trigger automation somewhere else:


  • callback to jenkins
  • callback to awx
  • callback to vmware-aria
  • etc …
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