(gge) This is so fun, taking advantage of kubernetes cronjobs …

The generic game engine will host tournaments.

I was planning on daily and weekly tournaments that everyone can participate in, but also allow folks to create their own.  Figured I might be able to take care of scheduling the tournaments using something in kubernetes and I was not disappointed!

The workflow goes like this:

  • create a tournament instance
  • create a cronjob with the tournament start time
  • when the cronjob starts, it creates a pod that runs curl and accesses an internal-only tournament api to start the tournament
  • tournaments will only run once by default but by setting a value will repeat on the cronjob schedule

Just have to make sure to delete the cronjob along with the tournament.  If someone were to delete the tournament using kubectl there is a chance of an orphaned cronjob (oh no) if the tournament controller isn’t running to catch it, otherwise the tournament controller will receive a DELETE event and go ahead and delete the cronjob.  Will have to run a cleanup process now and then to look for orphaned cronjobs, wonder if there might be a convenient way to do that???

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