Kubernetes, a hacker’s paradise (the good kind of hacker)

The world of Kubernetes is exactly why I got into computers back in the day, always something new to learn, the fun of problem solving, and being rewarded with new capabilities.


Just initially getting up to speed with an udemy class, setting up my first clusters was so fun and rewarding then, learning about metallb, nginx-ingress, metrics, cert-manager, adding an nfs provisioner, and later a cifs share.  Setting up ip ranges for the clusters and reinstalling everything, then automating the process.

Along the way you are moving over all your existing services and discover helm exists and the services you want are already out there and easily installed… only to discover hey, this project may be somewhat bleeding edge and I can contribute code, already giving back to the community… how cool!

Each time a vm is shutdown and resources are recovered, victory!


Such a bummer when you have a service that doesn’t want to run in kube.  So far only one, wireguard not wanting to run on top of a centos 8 stream based cluster… but I can drive a solution for us.

It is a bit all consuming, I’d like to get back to developing projects, and moving them into my new clusters.  It’s almost time though, almost time, feeling so empowered with all the possibilities, exciting!!!

Update: I got wireguard working. Working to get that shared out with the open source community. Is there anything kubernetes can’t do?

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