Infrastructure as code and an infinite trial period

If you implement infrastructure as code with something such as ansible, you will be able to spin up a new VM and automatically setup the software.

An interesting side effect of this is you can wipe and reload a system, running say System Center, over night just before the trial period ends.  Perhaps this a gray area, getting around the intention of a trial period, but an interesting side effect none the less.

Using infrastructure as code requires that you back up everything, in order to restore things if desired.  This means the home pc can also be reloaded at will, if network drives are used or some other backup method is used, leading to the fastest performance possible when otherwise a PC has the tendency to slow down over time.

DevOps, what a beautiful thing.

Note: The current subscription fee to have access to all Microsoft software for a development/lab environment is $45 a month Visual Studio Professional Monthly Subscription.

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